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July 2018 e-newsletter
GOSSIP: New lovers? Chuckles and D. Janeiro, a Red Lored and Orange Wing Amazon
FEATURED BIRD: Olivia, a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, and her many beaks
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: Floor painting and the Michelin Man
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS- 2 fundraisers found! Raffle and Open House on Aug. 4, 1 - 5 pm. Same day and town as Bartlettyarns, celebrating 197 years!
June 2018 e-newsletter
GOSSIP: What's with that black bird who yells,‘Whoa, will you quit?!?’
FEATURED BIRDS: Rio and D. Janeiro, Orange Wing Amazons
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: We need a fundraising guru!
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: TWO bank donations received- Thank you! Raffle tix and parrot capes for sale; Summer Open House on Sat. Aug. 4, 1 - 5 pm
May 2018 e-newsletter
GOSSIP: Rhetta and Roscoe
FEATURED BIRD: Tootie, a Goffin Cockatoo, and her human Tom
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: Successful Earth Day Open House, Donation from Bangor Savings Bank, New- raffles!
April 2018 e-newsletter
GOSSIP: Wild parrots sighted in West Athens, Maine
FEATURED BIRD: Woody, an endangered blue throated macaw
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: Captive Breeding- Why's it so difficult?
March 2018 e-newsletter
GOSSIP: Billy, Chuckles, Giggles and Toby- handicapped birds
FEATURED BIRDS: Daisy 1, Daisy 2, Sheba- African Greys
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: Humidity in the big bird room
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: Amazon Smile, bird capes for self-mutilators, upcoming events
February 2018 e-newsletter
GOSSIP: Four handicapped amazons and their cage
FEATURED BIRD: Gracie, a Moluccan cockatoo
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: Eternal maintenance, some caused by a macaw
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: Vote for us with Bangor Savings Bank's Community Matters More campaign!
January 2018 e-newsletter
GOSSIP: Ivan and Marley
FEATURED BIRD: Max, Ruby, Ebon
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: Breeding behavior: moody and unpredictable
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: Year End Reflections on 2017- THANK YOU for a great year!
December 2017 e-newsletter
GOSSIP: Majors Burns & Hoolihan, Scarlet and Sabrina
OUR PARROT'S WISH LIST: Toys, food, hardware and other stuff
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: Woody's dismantling our aviary faster than we can repair!
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: Gift ideas for the parrot lover, Upcoming event: Holiday Open House on Sat. Dec. 30.
November 2017 Fundraising appeal
It takes a lot of money and stuff to entertain, feed and care for our 80+ parrots at Siesta Sanctuary. So we're asking you for help. $$$ or items, we're not fussy- just thankful.