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Summer 2022
Pansy poses problems at TSA and with the bird room. Matchmaking success story.
Spring 2022
Buddy boomerangs back to Siesta Sanctuary several times.
Acclimatizing and evaluating new birds into the flock.
New parrot rescue and parrot sitter in Maine. PARROT PLAYGROUND, Boothbay Harbor.
Avian flu info
February 2022
Interview by Fritz Buschmann of Corey and Harlow, the Moluccan cockatoo wood sculptors from Philadelphia.
Wendy (or is it Woody?) and Buddy exclude Fritz, much to his dismay.
In Memorium for Jack, the myna who often bellowed "Whoa! Are you talking to me?" and chirped game sounds.
2021 Holiday Greetings
From our nest to yours, we wish you happy holidays!
'Twas the Night Before Christmas with Goffin Cockatoos
October 2021
Love story of Moluccan cockatoos Ginger and Lionel. Murders of crows.
June 2021
Jan 2021 Newsletter
Gossip: (En)chanting heard: Stupid macaws! Cockatoos know! Ping pong balls!
Feature: Santa was good to us via Parrot Posse donations of food and toys
Sick bay: Margaret scheduled for shoulder surgery in Feb.
Nov 2020 newsletter
Gossip: Hormonal bedlam in the bird rooms
Feature: Loki, a 37-year-old Moluccan Cockatoo who joined us in 2013
2021 Calendars for sale with tack-sharp photos by volunteer Richard Konrad
Sept 2020 newsletter
Gossip: A five-year-old Blue-throated Macaw
Feature: Tailani, a 30-year-old Green-winged Macaw
In Memorium: Danny, a 33+ year-old Timneh African Grey
Dr. Alison Poulin and her memorial bequest
June 2020 newsletter
Gossip: Strange noises of guinea hens and cockatoos
Feature: Abby, an 18-year-old Green-wing Macaw, and Scarlet, a 17-year-old Scarlet Macaw, incubate an egg and a golf ball
Challenge: Fundraising without Open Houses
April 2020 newsletter
Official Cockatoo Chorale forms; Feature on Captain and Rain, gold wing macaws; Thanks for the avian ICU! Covid-19 challenges
February 2020 newsletter
Feature: Solomon, a 19-year-old Solomon Island Eclectus, aka Benevolent Overlord of the Big Room.
November 2019 newsletter
Our Flock's News October 2019
Peaches' high wire act; Playdates for 75 birds?!? 2020 calendar shoot
Our Flock's News August 2019
Birds' eye view of our summer Open House; Pool-player Paprika; Lulu's maladies
Our Flock's News July 2019
Motorcyclist Romeo; Summer fashion for conures; Major Burns hasn't left Sabrina yet; Parrot capes for sale; Open House Sat. Aug. 3 from 1 to 5 pm.
Our Flock's News May 2019
Gossip: Arizona trip to re-home 4 macaws
Feature: 4 macaws, 2 humans and 2,600 miles
Challenge: It takes 2 people to replace Margaret
Misc Bird Droppings: Annual Summer Open House on Sat. Aug 3, 1-5 pm
Our Flock's News April 2019
Gossip: 4 macaws going to Arizona
Feature: Siesta at Dover library
Challenge: The future of Siesta Sanctuary
Volunteer: Gayle Mehling, parrot cape maker
Misc. Bird Droppings: In memorium for Paulie, blue crowned conure
Our Flock's News March 2019
Gossip: Why are Baby Bird and Cosmo not with the rest of the Macaws?
Feature: Clem, an orange wing Amazon
Challenge: Damn hoses!
Volunteer: Beth Emerson
Our Flock's News February 2019
Bath time at Siesta Sanctuary
Our Flock's News January 2019
Gossip: Baby pictures of cockatoos
Feature: Amazon Olivia and Jack's joie de vivre
Volunteer: Shannon Garcia
Misc Bird Droppings: February visits to ME Veterans' Home and Dover-Foxcroft Thompson Free Library
Our Flock's News December 2018
Gossip: Moving 21 macaws to a new area
Feature: Paulie and Izzy, blue-crowned conures
Challenge: Finding an avian-certified vet
Volunteer of the Month: Jayne Leslie Kravis
Our Flock's News November 2018
Gossip- An Alexandrine parakeet (parrot) Den Mother
Feature- Corey and Harlow's trip from Philly to Harmony
Challenge- Moving 21 macaws
Volunteer Profile- Ryan LaGross, a real Bird Man
Misc. Bird Droppings- UMA Vet tech class visits; another class on Nov. 29
Our Flock's News October 2018
GOSSIP: Bullies and wimps
FEATURE: Koko, a Moluccan cockatoo, was sold as a hand-raised baby but was actually a 16-year-old wild-caught adult. Learn about the importance of leg bands and capes.
VOLUNTEER PROFILES: The Thursday Gang from Living Innovations
CHALLENGE: What's yours? Ask Central ME's premier parrot expert!
MISC BIRD DROPPINGS: Last call for votes at Franklin Savings Bank; Bird capes for sale.
Our Flock's News September 2018
GOSSIP: Road trip for non-statue birds
FEATURE: Ruby's mask and near death experience
VOLUNTEER PROFILE: Barbara Greenberg, Queen of the Small Bird Room
MISC BIRD DROPPINGS: Vote for Siesta Sanctuary = Money!!
Our Flock's News August 2018
GOSSIP: Traffic jam in the Big Bird Room at the August Open House!
FEATURED BIRD: Sorry- they were all taking a siesta this month.
CHALLENGE: How do we take care of 80+ birds daily and still stay sane (somewhat)
VOLUNTEER PROFILE: A non-bird person who promotes our birds? Meet Grace Lommel
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: Summer Open House thanks; Volunteers needed: Fruit & Veggie Baristas, Cardboard Wranglers, Toy Maker Elves, Social Services Directors, Detectives, Squeegee Drivers and Swabbies- something for everyone!
Our Flock's News July 2018 newsletter
GOSSIP: New lovers? Chuckles and D. Janeiro, a Red Lored and Orange Wing Amazon
FEATURED BIRD: Olivia, a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, and her many beaks
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: Floor painting and the Michelin Man
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS- 2 fundraisers found! Raffle and Open House on Aug. 4, 1 - 5 pm. Same day and town as Bartlettyarns, celebrating 197 years!
Our Flock's News June 2018 newsletter
GOSSIP: What's with that black bird who yells,‘Whoa, will you quit?!?’
FEATURED BIRDS: Rio and D. Janeiro, Orange Wing Amazons
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: We need a fundraising guru!
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: TWO bank donations received- Thank you! Raffle tix and parrot capes for sale; Summer Open House on Sat. Aug. 4, 1 - 5 pm
Our Flock's News May 2018 newsletter
GOSSIP: Rhetta and Roscoe
FEATURED BIRD: Tootie, a Goffin Cockatoo, and her human Tom
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: Successful Earth Day Open House, Donation from Bangor Savings Bank, New- raffles!
Our Flock's News April 2018 newsletter
GOSSIP: Wild parrots sighted in West Athens, Maine
FEATURED BIRD: Woody, an endangered blue throated macaw
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: Captive Breeding- Why's it so difficult?
Our Flock's News March 2018 newsletter
GOSSIP: Billy, Chuckles, Giggles and Toby- handicapped birds
FEATURED BIRDS: Daisy 1, Daisy 2, Sheba- African Greys
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: Humidity in the big bird room
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: Amazon Smile, bird capes for self-mutilators, upcoming events
Our Flock's News February 2018 newsletter
GOSSIP: Four handicapped amazons and their cage
FEATURED BIRD: Gracie, a Moluccan cockatoo
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: Eternal maintenance, some caused by a macaw
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: Vote for us with Bangor Savings Bank's Community Matters More campaign!
Our Flock's News January 2018 newsletter
GOSSIP: Ivan and Marley
FEATURED BIRD: Max, Ruby, Ebon
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: Breeding behavior: moody and unpredictable
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: Year End Reflections on 2017- THANK YOU for a great year!
Our Flock's News December 2017 newsletter
GOSSIP: Majors Burns & Hoolihan, Scarlet and Sabrina
OUR PARROT'S WISH LIST: Toys, food, hardware and other stuff
SANCTUARY CHALLENGE: Woody's dismantling our aviary faster than we can repair!
OTHER BIRD DROPPINGS: Gift ideas for the parrot lover, Upcoming event: Holiday Open House on Sat. Dec. 30.
November 2017 Fundraising appeal
It takes a lot of money and stuff to entertain, feed and care for our 80+ parrots at Siesta Sanctuary. So we're asking you for help. $$$ or items, we're not fussy- just thankful.