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Our Birds

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Large, colorful parrots with long tails native to South and Central America. Our flock includes Blue & Golds, Catalinas, Green wings, Hahn's, Harlequins, Military, Scarlets, Senegals and Severes.
Cockatoos are from Australia. Our flock includes Bare-Eyed, Citron, Goffin, Moluccan, Sulfur Crested and Umbrella. The Moluccan Cockatoos are an exquisite blend of white, bright orange, yellow, and muted shades of peach and salmon with black to brown eyes and a large black beak.
Medium Sized Parrots: African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, Ring Necks and others.
Our flock includes AFRICAN GREYS: Congo, Timneh; AMAZONS: Blue crested, Blue front, Double Yellow Head, Orange wing, Red Lored; ECLECTUS: Solomon Island; RING NECKS: Indian
Our Small Parrots include conures, cockatiels
Conures include Bellied, Blue crested, Blue Crown, Peach front, Red Cheeked and Sun.