104 Brown Rd.
Harmony, Maine
(207) 683-6322


Morning Sentinel Dec. 28, 2019
HARMONY — For Marg and Fritz Buschmann, home is where the parrots are.

Since 2006, the Buschmanns have used their house at 104 Brown Road in Harmony as a place to care for parrots and provide the birds a welcoming place to live out the rest of their years.
WBII-TV Fox News Dec. 28, 2019
Siesta Sanctuary holds open house for public to interact with over 75 parrots
2018 Aug. 5, Morning Sentinel
HARMONY — Dozens of cars lined a dirt road here on Saturday, as visitors made their way through pouring rain into a tropical oasis filled with flowers, multi-colored parrot paraphernalia and birds — lots and lots of birds.
2018 April WABI 5
HARMONY, Maine. (WABI) - In celebration of Earth Day, folks gathered at the Siesta Sanctuary to see parrots talk, sing and dance.

But this Earth Day is different for the sanctuary.

They're honoring "Woody,” a Blue Throated Macaw, which is now an endangered species.
2017 December coverage by Fox 22
2016 Bangor Daily News article and video
By Aislinn Sarnacki, BDN Staff • August 5, 2016
HARMONY, Maine — A cacophony of screeches, whistles and random words erupted as Margaret Buschmann opened the door and slowly walked into the “big parrot room.” About 50 exotic birds were in the spacious room Tuesday, and many of them were out of their cages, flying, climbing and performing acrobatics on dangling ropes and ladders.
A House in Harmony
In 2012, Muffy Brandt documented, for the Salt Center Archives, the work that the Buschmann Family does at their tropical bird sanctuary in their home in Harmony, Maine.